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NatureCounters - Innovation in Ecology

Why we do what we do

Dominic Goodwin M.Eng, Director
Dominic Goodwin M.Eng
Our mission at NatureCounters is to help you protect the natural world by designing, manufacturing and selling innovative and high-quality products for studying and caring for wildlife.

We aim to make the study of wildlife more interactive. Studying wildlife with Ultrasonic Bat Detectors, Nestbox Cameras and with our Nestbox Counters and Data Loggers is truly fascinating, and helps you appreciate the complex and difficult lives of the animals around you. Our belief is that the more people understand of the natural world, the more they will act to protect it.

Our name, NatureCounters, is both a light-hearted reference to the study of ecology, which tends to involve rather a lot of counting plants and animals, and from our first product development, our electronic nest-box visit counters. Click Here to see a short video loop of one of our earliest designs of Nestbox Counters fitted to an RSPB Nestbox.

Professional Quality

We supply a range of professional bat detectors from the world's top specialists, Pettersson, Elekon and Batbox, as well as more affordable ones for enthusiasts from Magenta. We are also working on three totally new designs of bat-detector, which will open up the study of bats to a wider audience, particularly young people, to get more actively involved in conservation.

Our ecology equipment is used in universities, schools, and private gardens, to monitor, study and get closer to animals, as well as by environmental consultants.

We pride ourselves on being the inventors of the Nestbox Counter, a simple electronic device which screws onto the front of any nestbox to monitor each time an animal visits its nest, because this gives vital information about how easily animals are finding food.

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